DPS in Cambridge, UK

4-9 September 2005

Rachel and I attended the 2005 Fall Division for Planetary Sciences meeting held in Cambridge, UK. It was a great trip.

We stayed in St. John's College while we were there. Our room was off of New Court up four flights of stairs. Our room is the very top one in these first two pictures, and the others are shots out the window.
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Here is a shot of the part of the college that we stayed in from the Backs of the Cam.

We had dinners in the college dining hall, which was a great experience.
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Here are some little portraits of Rachel with the college in the background.
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Our friend, Paul Withers, with whom I shared an office in grad school, was an undergraduate at Queen's College, and led us on a tour of the city.
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We ended our tour by visiting the Wren Library at Trinity College. It is a beautiful place, but it also houses an excellent collection, including some effects of Newton's. There is Newton's copy of the Principia marked up for the second edition, very neat.
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-Ross Beyer

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