15 May 2004

Rachel had already defended, but hadn't yet turned in the final copy of her dissertation, and my defense wasn't to be until later in the summer. However, we were allowed to be involved in the spring commencement, which was nice.

I gave my camera to my dad, and didn't instruct him in its slow ways. There is a real lag on the camera between pushing the button and taking the picture, so the photos he took are rather blurry, but they still convey the essence and colors of the event.
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I purchased one of the professionally taken photographs of me shaking the hand of the president of the University after my name was read off and I walked across the stage.

After the ceremony, we met out in front of our building. Our parents had purchased leis, and we took some pictures under the blazing sun.

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Later that afternoon we went out to the Hidden Valley in for dinner, and Rachel's grandmother and aunt Jean took the obligatory pictures in the jail.


-Ross Beyer

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