Flying with Jason

31 March 2001

Jason invited Terry, Gwen, and I to go flying with him one Saturday afternoon. It was really cool. Of course I took my camera, but only later remembered that I was shooting in default mode. I could have been taking pictures with a much higher resolution. Oh well, maybe next time.

Jason rented a very new (it still had new-plane smell) Cessna four-seater.
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We had to wait for a few more gallons of fuel, but we were soon airborne.
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We did a an orbit of campus.
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Then we moved north, and I got some pictures of my house on Water Street. Grant Road is there on the right, and Campbell goes across the middle. If you know where you're looking, you can see the little red dot that is Rachel's car parked out front of our house.

You can see the shopping center at Campbell and Glenn in this picture looking towards the east.

This picture has the Campbell and Grant intersection in it's center, the photograph is looking southeast.

There are a couple of blurry ones here, but I think that the last one is looking west, so that might be after we had made our turn and were heading south.
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We got clearance to fly over the boneyard, the fields of mothballed planes at Davis-Monthan AFB.
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Then we kept flying south of town, and I'm pretty sure that the observatory there is the MMT telescope on top of Mt. Hopkins.
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As we headed back to the Tucson airport, I got a couple more action shots of Jason and Terry up front.
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-Ross Beyer

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