Gus & Alexis's Wedding

28 August 2004

Rachel's brother, Gus, and Alexis got married at the courthouse earlier in the week, and we went out to attend the reception. Rachel and I rented a van in Tucson, drove to Phoenix where we picked up Rachel's mother, her grandmother, and her cousin, Sharon. Then we drove to California.

The reception was at Alexis's parents' house in Yucaipa, which was great. There was good food and nice people.

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Naturally, there was a cake.

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And where there's a cake, it needs to be cut, and eaten.

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The reception lasted into the night, but I didn't seem to take any pictures. Everyone had lots of fun, and it was nice to hang out with Gus and Alexis's friends.

The next day after having breakfast in our favorite Deli in Palm Springs, I put the camera on the dash and took some pictures of our road-tripping crew. I managed to cut Rachel out of the first one, so I had to take a second.

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We got into Phoenix in good time and spent the afternoon with Aunt Jean, Kathi, Miranda, Tommy, Jenny, Ken, Jake, and Liz. There was lots of food and playing in the pool, as one might expect.

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-Ross Beyer

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