Halloween 2000

This year Rachel and I had our first Halloween party at our house. We took over the annual Halloween party from Bob & Karen, so we decided to dress up like them for the party (Rachel wishes to express her apologies to Karen, Karen does not have an afro).

Rachel carved our Jack'o'Lantern, she seems awful happy to have that knife, doesn't she?

People really got into it, and there were some great costumes.
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Many folks didn't get our costumes, but I'm told that others saw me, and said to themselves, "what is Bob doing here?"

Jason and Vanessa went as Calvin and Hobbes, although many mistook them for Tigger and Christopher Robin.
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After everyone left, I went out and took some pictures of our Jack'o'Lantern.
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However, you couldn't really see the witch very well at night, so I took some pictures the next morning of the Crashing Witch that my parents sent for Halloween.
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Costume contest results:

-Ross Beyer

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