Helen at Three Months

28 January - 7 February 2005

The day after my birthday, we put her in the "daddy's little sweethart" outfit which was so cute, she just had to drool all over it.
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Here are some good pictures of her playing with her rings.
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Any time an outfit has some slack in it, like this cute little dress/bloomer combo, the extra material is often brought close to her mouth. The last picture in the series here really shows how she has started to kick her legs up.
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She's really gotten a lot more stable with holding her head up, and she likes sitting up and looking around. Rachel mentioned that she managed to capture the double chin on both father and daughter in that last picture. I really need to get back on my bike or start playing soccer or something.
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We managed to get Helen enrolled at the Ames Child Care Center, and this is the picture of her on her first morning as we prepared to get in the car and head off. We're all adjusting to the new arrangement, but I think that it will work out for everyone.

-Ross Beyer

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