Helen's Sixth Month

April 2005

Helen's mother got her an "excer-saucer", which she enjoys quite a bit. It is stationary, but the seat in the middle can rotate.
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Rachel caught these cute shots of Helen sitting up in her room surrounded by some of her plush friends.
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Our friends got Helen this great piano thing that transforms. Helen likes the music and the big colorful keys.
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We have this great park just down the street from our house, and these pictures are after a walk down there. She often falls asleep on the way back, and we leave the stroller out in the atrium until she wakes up. She was in the backpack carrier this time, and she did the same thing. So we couldn't resist taking some pictures of her in her cute hat, totally asleep in the carrier.
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Our friends the Chamberlains gave us this beautiful oriental outfit, and Helen has just become big enough to wear it. She wore it to a party we went to.
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Rachel took some pictures of Helen in her hat at her piano.
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-Ross Beyer

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