Helen's Twelvth Week

18-23 January 2005

Helen is getting used to the new place, there's certainly more room to stretch out and play on the floor. She's not crawling or turning over yet, but you've got to start somewhere.
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Here's Helen in a new onesie/dress combination looking cute. You can see partially constructed dining room furniture in the background.

More pictures of Helen on the floor.
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Here you can see her "sleep-conducting".

She's awful cute when she's asleep, and makes some funny faces.
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We got a high chair for her so that she can hang out with us while we eat dinner, and she'll eventually be eating there herself. At the moment, she eats her hands and sticks her legs in the air. Table manners will come later.
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This little number sports some shoes that crinkle and make fun noises, but she still hasn't really figured out the feet yet, so we'll have to wait some more on those.

-Ross Beyer

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