Helen's Birth

1 November 2004

Our daughter, Helen Dortha Beyer, was born at 2:42 P.M. on the first of November, 2004, in Tucson, Arizona. She was 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20.5 inches long. I tried to write down her birth story while it was still fresh in my mind.

This is the first picture of Helen ever taken:

None of these Monday afternoon pictures are terribly well focused, because the lights were turned down nice and low for baby. I turned on the slow flash for a few of them.
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Here are some from a little later, after her first really good feeding.
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These pictures are from Tuesday morning after we had rested overnight at the birth center. The person in the yellow shirt is me, and some photos didn't turn out so well as I tried to hold Helen and take pictures of us at the same time. I'm told that my ability to baby-multitask will improve with practice.
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Here are some pictures of here with Rachel right before we were ready to leave the birth center
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The attending nurse, Olivia, took a few pictures of the three of us as we were about ready to get into the car and go home.
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Not to be left out, Grandma Amy holds Helen on our couch after an uneventful first car ride.
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Even as I type these words, Helen is quietly laying in her Grandmother's lap as her mother catches up on her sleep. I'm hoping that I can keep my eyes open long enough to send out the e-mail letting everyone know the good news.

-Ross Beyer

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