My trip to Iceland

I visited Iceland from 12 August to 29 August, 2000, for the purpose of attending the Volcano/Ice Interaction Workshop and the Second International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration.

So, Peter and I arrived in Reykjavík and took some pictures around town.

This is a picture of Hotel Garður where we stayed.

There is a large pond in the city center, called Tjörnin, that I took a bunch of pictures from.
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The city hall, which is the large building in the center of the third picture above was really cool, and these pictures are from the other side where there is this neat pond and moss-covered section incorporated into the building.
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Inside the city hall, in a large room facing Tjörnin, there is this gigantic relief map of Iceland. In the picture below, the map is oriented such that the people are just off the south coast of the island.

Hallgrím's Church totally dominates the Reykjavík skyline.
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The conference dinner was on the island of Viðey (Wood Island) in the Viðeyjarstofa residence built in 1755. The first image was taken from the Viðey ferry port looking north towards the island, and the second is taken from behind the Viðeyjarstofa again looking north at the Esja mountain with Icelandic horses in the foreground. The third picture was taken by Nicole, and is a shot of "the kids' table" at the conference dinner.
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After the Volcano/Ice Workshop was over, we went on an Excursion to the Eastern and Western Volcanic Zones.

We got back from the trip just in time for the Reykjavík Culture Night on Saturday the 19th. During the day there was a marathon, and these women on the pond Tjörnin that were doing this really cool water ballet thing. Additionally, our little group of grad students had our last meal together around a little tree.
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Then the Mars Polar meeting began, and on Tuesday night we went to go see The Volcano Show. Then on Wednesday, there was a one-day trip to Þingvellir, Gulfoss, and Geysir.

Then it was back to the final two days of the meeting. And then finally there was a Three day tour in the South of Iceland at the end of the tour, we took a small plane from near Höfn back to Reykjavík, and I managed to get a window seat.

On the way to the airport on Tuesday (29 August), I spent a few hours at the Blue Lagoon. On the walk from the parking lot to the main entrance, you pass through this great section of a lava flow.
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My time in Iceland was fantastic, and I learned a great deal. I can't wait to go back!

-Ross Beyer

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