Plane Overflight from near Höfn to Reykjavík

August 28, 2000

This trip was in connection with the Second International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration.

We took off from an airport near Höfn, and made a mostly straight flight path to Reykjavík. Fortunately, our guide managed to convince the pilot (since the majority of the flight was our field trip) to fly near the recent eruption sites on Vatnajökull. I was on the north side of the plane.

I don't know exactly where these images were taken, so I can't name the features, but they show some great texture on the glaciers themselves.
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These are images of the Grímsvötn caldera.
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This is an aerial view of the rootless cone field near Stöng that we saw on Day 1.
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-Ross Beyer

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