SCUBA diving in San Carlos

15-17 June 2001

My friend Terry and I signed up for a SCUBA diving class organized by the University's Outdoor Adventures, who partnered with Desert Divers. After our class sessions, we went on a long weekend diving trip. We sailed from San Carlos, Mexico, on board the El Duque, and had a great time. Since I was having so much fun SCUBA diving and snorkeling, I didn't take as many pictures as I might have liked.

Here are some shots of the El Duque in the harbor at San Carlos from the dock, and from the top deck as Liane (our instructor) gives us the boat briefing.
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We headed to Margarita Cove and did our first dive and snorkeling. Terry brought along one of those disposable underwater cameras that we took some pictures with. Terry is the one with the gloves (because I left mine in Tucson like a dufus), and I'm the one with the bright pink weight belt.
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The next morning we headed out to San Pedro Nolasco (spelling?). You can see the island behind Terry and I.
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After two beautiful dives at Lighthouse point, I snapped a picture of the pelicans that were all over the place, and the Lighthouse point itself.
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We then made our way to South point, and the Chute. There was quite a current in the Chute, and it was our first time diving with a current. There were sea lions around that swam near us and played while we were in the water. This is also the place where one of the participants, Eric, had an accident and had to be rushed back to the Marina.

I took a picture of the prominent volcanic necks near San Carlos. I also caught some shots of Terry, Liane, and Dean chatting on the aft deck.
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The next morning we went on our first non-supervised dive at Eagle Rock, featured prominently in the first picture. I also realized that I hadn't taken many pictures. I also need to learn that when taking pictures of myself, I should look at the camera lens and not at the camera monitor screen.
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After our early morning dive at Eagle Rock, it was back to the Marina at San Carlos. I finally took some pictures of the other folks: Chantilly and Rene on the top deck, Justine and Liane on the fore deck, & Rodney and Jennifer. I also took a shot of the main cabin of the Duke, with Alejandro at the wheel, and the remnants of our breakfast still on the table.
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Once we got back to the Marina, we cleaned off our gear and packed it up for the long trip home.
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-Ross Beyer

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