Sunnyvale House

Rachel and I are renting a four-bedroom home in Sunnyvale, CA. It is an Eichler house, one of several thousand homes built by Joseph Eichler. Ours has a permit in the garage dating from 1966. It is distinctive in that the house is built around an interior courtyard, to which there are many sliding glass doors, and there is lots of glass.

Here are some pictures of us camping out in our sleeping bags the first night we stayed there.
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Here are some pictures of the living room with no furniture in it, something we remedied quickly.
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Our friends Fred (not pictured), Jonathan, and Katie brought us some pizza on our first weekend in the house, and Helen fell asleep in this very uncomfortable-looking position.

At the end of January, I finally got around to getting some pictures of the family in front of the new house (you'll notice the old Jeep has new California plates). The second picture here is inside the courtyard, and you can see the living room beyond the glass.
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Here's a picture of our dining room. It still needs a little work, but the furniture is in place, which is a big help.

-Ross Beyer

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