Team X Trip

1-7 June 2003

To culminate our semester class of designing a spacecraft mission, we got to spend a week (only 3 days really) with Team X, the project design group at JPL. For more information on the class and our project, you can visit the class page.

We got into Pasadena early. Jim had a meeting with a Caltech seismologist, so while he was doing that Jason led Jani, Sarah, and I on a little tour of the campus. Here are Jason, Jani, and Sarah in front of the "Gene Pool" at Caltech.

Our first morning was an early morning, because we needed to get out to JPL and get everyone badged. Here is a shot of us in the hotel lobby waiting for everyone to show up.

After our first day at JPL, we had a little get together in a hotel conference room to talk about our plan for the following days.
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In our first day with Team X, here is a picture of Becca in the foreground and Celinda talking to Sarah in the background in the Project Design Center.

In the course of our various tours around JPL, Jason spotted this humorous "E-mail etiquette" sign that he requested I take a picture of.
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Thursday was our last day working with Team X, and I got a lot of good shots of the students working with the Team X engineers. There is a particularly good picture of Celinda, who was acting as our Project Manager, flanked by Bob Gershmann and Roger Diehl, who have been Project Managers on actual missions. Jani also volunteered to take some pictures of me and Amy acting as the PIs at the head table with the swirling chaos of Team X happening around us.
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-Ross Beyer

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