by Ross A. Beyer

Like most hackers, I've written tons of little programs to accomplish this or that goal specific to the problem that I was working on at the time, and not too much that I figured other folks would be interested in. However, there are a few things.

Any recent shared development work is now available via my GitHub page.

I haven't really added anything below since 2008 (recent stuff is in GitHub). Many of these things are like ancient messages in a bottle from a bygone time of computing. I have other bits and really should get them posted here or elsewhere. In the meantime, my big open source computing project of the last decade has been the Ames Stereo Pipeline.

Databases - Database related software
This tool allows one to compare the data in two tables in a MySQLTM database server to see which data in which rows differ between the two.
Development - Software development utilities and libraries
commandl Library
A C++ library for dealing with command line arguments to your programs.
PIRL CVS utilities
A few Perl programs to help with CVS
Print - Utilities for dealing with printing
Icarus LaTeX Template
This is a LaTeX template for submission to the Journal Icarus, since they don't provide one.
Science - Software for getting things done with science data
ISIS 2 Programs
These are programs that I've written to help me perform some tasks more easily in the ISIS 2 environment.
This Perl program acts as a wrapper around GMT programs to convert raw MOLA gridded data into a netCDF format that GMT can use.
WWW - Web utilities
This is a relatively simple Perl program that can be used as a CGI to manage a gallery of images and display them at random (or not so random).
Some Perl modules for working with the SWISH-E indexer

I made some money on the side during graduate school by doing web work and supporting programming for the Planetary Image Research Laboratory. These are programs that I worked on during that time that we have distributed.