commandl Library

Latest Version: Beta-1


I didn't learn how to code in a vacuum by myself, I was drug along kicking and screaming by a number of knowledgeable and helpful colleagues. I'd like to thank Brad Castalia for his patience in teaching me the patterns of how to write good code (not that he should be blamed for anything that is unsightly in this library). I'd also like to thank Jason Barnes, Chris Schaller, and Dyer Lytle for their thoughtful discussions about how things should or shouldn't work.

It would be a crime to not thank the uncountable people behind the powerful open source solutions that I used to craft this project. There is the FreeBSD operating system (upon which the library was primarily developed), the Gnu Compiler Collection, Gnu Make, CVS, Vim (the author's editor of choice), and Doxygen (a handy little literate programming tool). I am very happy to be offering this library as open source software, it is my way of giving back to the open source community to which I owe so much.