Icarus LaTEX  Template

Latest Version: 2.0

This is a LaTEX  template for submitting papers to the journal Icarus. The Icarus Editorial Office does not provide a LaTEX  template. Icarus is published by Elsevier, which does provide a LaTEX  template, class file, and bibliography style file. However, the format required by the Icarus Editorial Office and by Elsevier are different.

We have modified the Elsevier template file so that it can be used for submission to the Icarus Editorial Office. Then once your paper has been accepted, it should be short work to transform the template from what we call ``Icarus'' mode to ``Elsevier'' mode for submission to the publisher.


Elsevier, Inc., has a new LaTEX  class file and preparation instructions. I haven't had the time to compare them in detail, but they may well make the process I outline here, and this template obsolete. However, the Author Guidelines for Icarus are currently in flux. So be careful how closely you follow the new guidelines.

The following predates the potentially new Elsevier template, and if the new template is easier to use, we just won't update this, but one of the biggest difficulties that we outline in converting from ``Icarus'' mode to ``Elsevier'' mode is cutting and pasting the figures around in the document. However, we just learned about the endfloat LaTEX  package (which has been around for well over 10 years, and is in most standard LaTEX  distributions). So put your figures into the text where they should be, and use the endfloat package to float them to the end of the document in ``Icarus'' mode and then just stop using the endfloat package when you go to ``Elsevier'' mode. When we get a chance, we'll add this endfloat info into the template files and instructions. For now, we encourage you to explore using endfloat, you'll save yourself a lot of time!


To get an idea of what the two different formats are like, here is the output (in Adobe PDF format) of our sample article when it is in ``Icarus'' mode and then in ``Elsevier'' mode.


WARNING! These files are in no way sanctioned or blessed by either the Icarus Editorial Office or Elsevier. Using it blindly is a very bad idea. We created it to make our own lives easier, and figured that other folks might benefit from it. This template is no substitute for reading the appropriate style and formatting guides provided by the Icarus Editorial Office and Elsevier, as they are subject to change. Don't blame us if the Icarus Editorial Office or Elsevier complains about your format.


Patches and suggestions are always welcome.