LPSC LaTEX  Template

Latest Version: 1.4

The code linked to here is no longer current. Active development of this template has been moved to my GitHub page at https://github.com/rbeyer/lpsc_template.

This is a LaTEX  template for submitting abstracts to the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC, 2016 meeting page). The Lunar and Planetary Institute does not provide a LaTEX  template. We started from scratch to create a template based on LaTEX's own article class and a short LaTEX 2ε package file.


To get an idea of what the output looks like, here is the output (in Adobe PDF format) of our sample article.


WARNING! These files are not commissioned or supported by the LPI. We created it to make our own lives easier, and figured that other folks might benefit from it. This template is no substitute for reading the appropriate style and formatting guides provided by the LPI, as they are subject to change. Don't blame us if the LPI complains about your format (or rejects your abstract).


Patches and suggestions are always welcome.


LPSC_example_abstract by Seth Humphries

This is an alternate LPSC template. This template provides a simple method for putting author information into the PDF document properties as meta data. Correct meta data allows search engines to more easily find your abstract. Hyperlinking within the PDF is enabled (it is optional in the above template). Also included, for those that do not like natbib, is an abbreviated bibliography style file that supports DOI and hyperlinks. The \section have been redefined to match the LPSC recommended style.