Latest Version: 1.0

This tool allows one to compare the data in two tables in a MySQLTM database server to see which data in which rows differ between the two.


  • Access to a MySQLTM 3.23.x or 4.0.x server.
  • Perl 5.6.x.
  • DBI, and the DBD::mysql driver.


Just place mysql_coldiff somewhere in your path, and set the permissions appropriately. Run it without any options for a short usage message, or read its POD with perldoc mysql_coldiff.


Patches, and suggestions are always welcome (especially since this is a 1.0 release!).


Thanks to Jon Frisby for writing the DataDiff program upon which this program is based.

You may also be interested in mysqldiff, a utility for comparing MySQLTM database structures, written by Adam Spiers.