Latest Version: 1.1

This is a relatively simple Perl program that can be used as a CGI to manage a gallery of images and display them at random (or not so random). There is an example to the right. Reload the page, and you will get a different image over there (there are only 10 images in the gallery, so repeats are possible).


  • Perl 5.6.x.


Just place the random_gallery.cgi and random_gallery.conf in a directory with image files, and put the image files that you want included in the gallery into random_gallery.conf. The instructions for how to do so are in the random_gallery.conf file. If you want to, you can also rename random_gallery.cgi to index.cgi, and it should work just fine. The documentation for random_gallery is within the POD of the random_gallery.cgi file. You can read its POD with 'perldoc random_gallery.cgi' from your command line.


Patches, and suggestions are always welcome.


The images that I use in the example gallery are from NASA's Planetary Photojournal.