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Below I include the HTML that I use to call random_gallery with. I use server side includes, for the most part, to include the output from random_gallery, but you could probably do all kinds of other things. To see what the program returns, you can look at the source of this page.

There are only ten images in the example gallery, so don't be surprised if you get multiples on this example page.

This will return just the image, using the default random selection mechanism, meaning it will be different every time you load this page.

<!--#include virtual="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=image" -->

Family Portrait of Jupiter's Great Red Spot and the Galilean Satellites

This is the same as above, but the image is wrapped in a link that leads to the full page for this image in the gallery.

<!--#include virtual="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=image&gallery_link=image" -->

Hubble Finds Many Bright Clouds on Uranus

This is the same as the first, but it includes the caption for the image.

<!--#include virtual="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=image,caption" -->

A Change of Seasons on SaturnLooming like a giant flying saucer in our outer solar system, Saturn puts on a show as the planet and its magnificent ring system nod majestically over the course of its 29-year journey around the Sun. These Hubble Space Telescope images, captured from 1996 to 2000, show Saturn's rings open up from just past edge-on to nearly fully open as it moves from autumn towards winter in its Northern Hemisphere. (PIA03156)

This will show the same image all day.

<!--#include virtual="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=image,caption&gallery_link=image&select=daily" -->


This specifies to always return the sun.jpg image.

<!--#include virtual="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=image&select=sun.jpg" -->


This uses just the return=url option. The downside is that you can't use random_gallery to automatically write the alt and title attributes this way.

<img src="gallery/random_gallery.cgi?return=url" alt="URL only return">

URL only return

This also uses the return=url option, but does so from within the specification of Cascading Style Sheets to make the background of this div randomize.

<div style="height:300px; width:300px; color:white; background-image: url(gallery/random_gallery.cgi?select=random&return=url);">
<h3>Random Backgrounds with CSS</h3>

Random Backgrounds with CSS