Rachel and I are trying to green the place up a little, and while we don't feel like we're up to a full compost pile, I did some reading on having a worm bin to put kitchen scraps into. So Helen and I prepped a 'worm bin,' and I ordered some red wrigglers. These photos are of us putting the new worms into the bin.

Funny story: turns out that the next morning, the worms had made a break for it, and were all over the back patio (it was like some kind of worm explosion had taken place). Fortunately it had rained that evening, so the worm attrition rate wasn't too bad, and I got most of them back into the bin. I contacted the 'worm guy' who had sold me the worms, and he said that I probably hadn't put enough air holes into the bin, and that the worms were trying to get out to fresh air. He suggested just leaving the lid off, which is what I've done since.