Halloween 09

Halloween this year was a three-part extravaganza, and thankfully it was spread over a couple of days. Friday saw a Costume Parade and Fall Festival at Helen's school and essentially the same thing at Arthur's Day Care. Then Saturday was Jack'O'Lantern carving and Trick-or-Treating itself. Helen decided that they would be Tinker Bell and Peter Pan (fortunately costumes were not required of Mom and Dad this year).

No, that second picture of Helen is not her using her special fairy breath-weapon, but her enjoying (what we think is) her first cotton candy. We ended up not staying at the Fall Festival at Helen's school for very long, there were a lot of kids, and it was all a little new for Helen. She had more fun in the familiar setting of the day care center. The kids danced, played, and had fun.

Trick-or-treating went well, too. We figured that Arthur would handle a house or two and then get sick of it, but after he realized that complete strangers were going to let him pick out brightly-colored packages from a basket at every house, he kept going.