Grandparents Visit and Helen 5.0

My Mom and Dad came out for a week that covered Halloween and Helen's fifth birthday. They had a great time playing with the kids, and vice-versa.

Since it was the day after Halloween and so much was going on, we decided to have her birthday party with her friends the following week, and just have her actual birthday be a family event.

It started with breakfast followed by the opening of presents. She got lots as you can tell, but the most photogenic was the princess dress from Grandma Rasmussen which Arthur got on somehow first. Helen spent the morning playing with her grandparents. Then Helen, I, and Grandma went out to Shabuway for lunch (Dad wouldn't have liked it, and Rachel stayed home with Arthur who is deemed to rambunctious for a restaurant full of bowls of boiling water). On the way back we picked up ice cream for everyone and returned home where Helen got candles placed in her ice cream to blow out (the cake would be next week). Although it is difficult to see in the photo, I drew a birthday cake with five candles in whipped cream on her french toast for dinner.