Again this year were fall festivals both at Helen's elementary school and at Arthur's day care, and then Halloween itself on Sunday. This year Helen and Arthur (although we can't help but think that Arthur was coerced a bit) were Ponyo and Sosuke from the movie Ponyo.

Helen spent a lot more time at the Cherry Chase Fall Festival this year. She hung out with her friends a little, and did lots of games (sack race pictured above). My parents were out visiting and they reminded me that my own elementary school's event was called the Spook Spectacular, and was very similar albeit on a smaller scale.

On Halloween itself, Helen's friend Vanessa, her sister Sophia and cousin Alexa came over to do Trick-or-Treating together. We set out into the neighborhood and the girls literally ran from house to house ringing doorbells. Arthur could tell that they were having tons of fun, but he had a hard time keeping up. We helped by getting him into the stroller between houses or carrying him. I was hoping that we could have him do every other house, as we would pull up just as the girls were screaming back down the walk to the next house, but Arthur could tell that the girls had gone to this house and that there was candy there, and he demanded to go. Eventually, his fussy-meter was going up, and fortunately my Father had come along and took Arthur home while Vanessa's father and I continued to follow the girls around. They got a ton of candy and had lots of fun together.