Day 3: Still Hungry

I am really, really, really craving some chocolate cookies right now.

One of my other troubles is being surrounded by food that I can't have. I microwaved a quesadilla for Helen which she subsequently refused. It is very hard to break the habit of just finishing up whatever she leaves behind. I guess that is a lot less calories that I am eating, but I feel badly wasting the food.

I realize that this diet will help me lose weight, but that is not exactly my priority. My preferred method of weight loss is exercise. I haven't done any in months since I have been feeling so horribly. I also don't want to lose weight too quickly as that can release all the nasty toxins hiding in my fat. I would like to feel better first, then worry about my weight.

My friend, Josh, asked me what I was rooting for as the cause of my food allergy. I really couldn't pick one. If it were chocolate, it would be easy to excise it from my diet, but my heart would break. If it would be soy, I would not be terribly disappointed about missing that type of food, but it would be impossible to buy in packaged foods. Seriously. Read the labels some time. Everything has soy in it.

I am trying to keep a positive outlook on the whole thing. For example, if I am allergic to gluten then I know what is making me sick and I can fix it. If I am not allergic to gluten, then I can keep eating pasta, bread, donuts, and cookies for the rest of my life. I call that a win-win.

As I mentioned before, I am blogging about this as a type of personal therapy. Generally, I feel very uncomfortable place my personal thoughts and feelings online for all the world to see. Up to this point, my blogs have been pretty bland since their purpose were to just keep our friends and family posted regarding what we are up to. Part of my reason for starting this is that I found very little about this type of diet online. This blog may eventually evolve into something a bit more informational, and hopefully, useful to anyone going throught the same experience. That being said, I plan to stick to only discussing my diet for now, regardless of what else is going on in my life.